Crystal Dome

Crystal Dome labels transform a simple flat label into a beautiful, attractive 3D label. It is made by placing a transparent plastic layer onto a flat label and making it glossy and embossed. These labels are made by EC Graphics. These labels are weather- and UV-resistant, durable, and do not fold. They can be used for any relief logo and are practical and high-quality. EC Graphics is a leader in this area. EC Graphics has the resources, experience and equipment to produce any quantity required of the highest quality. We can also offer a wide range of adhesives and raw materials, depending on the customer's requirements. Every month, we produce millions of domed labels.

  • Polyurethane is resistant to UV light.
  • Material that complies with strict international regulations.
  • It is not scratchable, not fading, and it is not bursting.
  • As per customer requirements, there are many options for coasting soft, medium, or very hard.
  • Flexible options available for coatings of different heights: thin, medium or high.
  • Complex and intricate graphics are possible.
  • Rapid preparation of samples prior to placing large orders
  • A wide variety of raw materials and adhesives are available.
  • Crystal Domes are available for magnets or sewing on textiles.