Industrial Stickers

Stickers for industrial use must be strong and durable. These stickers can be exposed to extreme and hazardous conditions. EC Graphics has a wealth of experience producing high-quality industrial stickers. To create stickers, we use only the best raw materials and offer them at a competitive price. Industrial stickers can be an investment because they are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and will not fade. Our team of experts is open to hearing your ideas and will create industrial-grade stickers that meet your needs.

What features are our industrial stickers?

Heavy Duty Adhesive

Different surfaces can be covered with industrial stickers. You can place industrial stickers on a variety of surfaces including steel, metal surfaces, powder-coated surfaces and low-energy areas. Different adhesives are needed for each surface.

Our professionals have the ability to create formulas that will ensure industrial adhesive labels stick to surfaces without any problems.


All custom industrial labels are abrasion-resistant. This means that even if something scratches or tears off the label's surface, it will not fade. This abrasion-resistant feature keeps the text intact and helps avoid confusion.

Our stickers are also tear-resistant. It can withstand high pressure and has a high tensile strength.

UV- and Heat Resistant

Labels for industrial printing must withstand heat and sunlight. The heat can cause humidity and moisture to form. This often causes stickers to become worn out. Our industrial stickers are resistant to heat and sunlight. It won't fade or cause the material to slow degrade.


All products are weatherproof and waterproof. The materials will not become brittle or ruined by exposure to water or harsh weather. These stickers are made from high-quality industrial materials. In the event of severe storms, or short circuits, the stickers will not fall off. It will remain intact and in its original form on the surface.

Oil and Chemical Resistant

Industrial stickers are often used in harsh environments and need to be resistant to oil and chemicals. All our stickers are chemical-resistant and oil-resistant. Although it can't stop all chemicals from ruining the sticker, it can withstand most chemicals that might drop on it.


We encourage the self laminate more. These stickers can be self-laminated to protect the text. This ensures that any chemical complication will not affect the instructions.

Minimum Reflectance

These industrial stickers can be exposed to the sunlight. The reflectance will make important text difficult to read on normal stickers. So that workers can still see the text even in strong light, we created a minimal reflectance option.