3d lenticular:- Introducing Floating Graphics

Unlock a new dimension of visual appeal with Floating Graphics, a licensed technology that brings bi-dimensional and three-dimensional emblems to life. Personalize your emblems with eye-catching 3D depth, scrolling, and dynamic changing effects, setting your brand apart in a league of its own.

1. Dynamic 3D Effects:

  - Enjoy the mesmerizing effect of 3D depth that adds a captivating dimension to your emblems. With Floating Graphics, your design comes to life, scrolling and changing as you alter your point of view.

2. Versatile Finishes and Colors:

  - Choose from hundreds of finishes and a wide range of colors to make your emblems truly unique. The versatility in texture, embossing, and debossing opens up possibilities not achievable with similar technologies.

3. Flexible Material Options:

  - Whether opting for cost-effective materials or high-performance ones, Floating Graphics adapts to your needs. This flexibility allows its market presence in both indoor and outdoor applications.

4. Sewing or Adhesive Application:

  - Emblems are flexible and versatile, accommodating sewing or application using pressure-sensitive or heat-transfer adhesives. This adaptability ensures easy integration into various products and surfaces.

5. Trademark Security:

  - Floating Graphics offers a secure solution for trademarks. Its unique background is impossible to replicate with any other technology, providing authenticity and protection for your brand identity.

Three Types of Floating Graphics:

1. Scrolling Effects:

  - Your design gracefully scrolls up and down or side to side, creating a dynamic visual experience with changing perspectives.

2. Floating Illusion:

  - Your design appears to be suspended within the emblem, giving it an enchanting floating effect.

3. Dynamic Changing Effects:

  - Witness your design undergo captivating changes as you view it from different angles, adding an extra layer of intrigue.

Wide Range of Applications:

Floating Graphics technology extends its impact across various applications, including advertising, promotional materials, uniforms, and trademarks. Its adaptability and uniqueness make it a versatile choice for brands looking to leave a lasting impression.

In a world where visual distinctiveness is paramount, Floating Graphics stands as a gateway to unparalleled branding possibilities. Elevate your emblematic presence with the dynamic depth and changing effects of Floating Graphics technology.